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Our mission is to be the premier service provider of structured cabling systems and IP technology in the state of Arkansas.

We intend to accomplish this with integrity, honesty, and a “do it right” mentality.

No Shenanigans

We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients through knowledge, skill, and integrity. Our staff members average 15 years in this arena, and we pack the certifications and portfolios to prove it. Shortcuts are not allowed, and stellar service to our clients is mandatory.

Like A Boss

We will attack your project with authority and finesse. Our team believes that no matter the problem, we want to be part of the solution. We take our work personal, and we will not walk away from a project until you are 100% satisfied. We would be stoked to be a part of your project.

Laser Beams

Our focus is to complete each installation with laser-like precision. Every detail of our work is examined and double checked until our OCD tendencies have been fully satisfied. Our target is to get it right the first time, every time.


Like the shadows of the night, we will enter your facility, complete our mission, and disappear back into the blackness. Our organizational and cleanliness skills will make you wonder if anyone was ever even there. 


Product Showcase

Only The Best

We strive to provide our customers with top of the line products from industry leading manufacturers.


Featured product
OnSSI Video Surveillance Systems Lead Industry Standards


OnSSI provides highly scalable Video Management Systems that provide optimal intelligence for businesses and locations that need real-time status updates and situational response.

Top Quality Products
Industry Leading Manufacturers


Cups of Coffee


Petabytes of Surveillance Video


Feet of Cable Installed


Employee Attacked by a Mouse

*Total counts estimated


Whatever the problem, be part of the solution.


Tina Fey


Always deliver more than expected.


Larry Page


If a user is having a problem, it's our problem.


Steve Jobs


There is only one boss – the customer.


Sam Walton

Our Services

Structured Cabling / Fiber Optics

Our team is full of cabling nerds, no seriously, we can’t get enough of this stuff. We love what we do and our craftsmanship shows it. We are very “in tune” with all of the systems that depend on your network. Voice, data, IP video surveillance, access control, audio-visual, life safety, and building automation all require a network that is properly designed, installed, and maintained. This is what we do.





The demand to feed wireless devices is greater than ever. Whether you are in education and need to meet the 1-to-1 requirements, a campus that needs to provide coverage to a large area, or a facility dependent on multiple networks to provide wireless to patrons as well as internal devices, we can help. We are leading the way with solutions from Meru Wireless that provide the 802.11AC standard while maintaining backwards compatibility for legacy devices. We also design and implement more advanced solutions such as point-to-point bridging, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks from Fluidmesh.

Access Control

Stay in control of your property at all times using the ease of Access Control Systems. Our systems give you the ability to have full options when it comes to managing your facility. From handling door functions, to monitoring card activity, to triggering sirens or strobes, access control systems can do it all. Have peace of mind that your valuables and personnel are able to access your property, while deterring threats from even considering your building. Peace of mind and the ability to alter systems, all from your devices!




IP Surveillance Cameras

The proverbial “analog sun” has set and our certified task force of surveillance overlords are ready to show you what high-definition IP cameras can do.  Using industry leading hardware and software, a properly designed system will allow you to view events from more than one perspective, obtain detail at a forensic level, and access the recording on demand.  Genesis Datacom continues to invest significant resources to stay on the forefront of the surveillance industry and we are always looking for ways to improve system intelligence. No more guessing if the footage you captured is of a human or a Sasquatch.

PoE Lighting

Whether you're lighting up a conference room, an entrance to a building, or a huge 90's throw back rave party, low-voltage lighting is where it's at! Programmable and economical, these lights reveal new efficiencies across your entire operation. We'll bring the lights, you bring the parachute pants.  


Protecting lives, property and valuables is no laughing matter. We at Genesis care about the safety of your business and provide the highest quality commercial fire alarm systems on the market. We provide top of the line fire alarm systems that integrate with your sprinkler system to provide instantaneous response to any hazards that may occur in the workplace. Meet needed code regulations and reduce insurance costs with a sophisticated system to make your workplace great. Have peace of mind at your office and focus on making your business succeed!

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